Monica McGannon
Monica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Nationally Certified Grief Therapist.

She has 20 years experience in both private and public sectors. She is active with the Red Cross as a Disaster Mental Health Clinician. Monica currently works as the Director of a large Mental Health Center in Dekalb County.

She has worked with all age groups and all mental health issues including women’s issues, parenting, relationships and grief. She is passionate about assisting people through the difficult stages in their lives and celebrating the joyous one.

She has two teenage daughters, enjoys traveling, public speaking, and living life to its fullest.

Happiness Respect Love

The true essence of life.

Most people were not taught how to find these "pearls" in childhood. Most were actually taught they come from "things, other people, money".

We must go inside ourselves to retrieve what is already there and more importantly, nurture those gifts ourselves.


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